Home Remedies to Keep Away Lake County Skunks and Get Rid of Them

Imagine spending a great deal to landscape your garden, only to wake up one day with unsightly holes and cluttered garden because of an uninvited visitor - the skunk. Many people consider Lake County skunks as pests due to their burrowing and digging habit. They are also mostly avoided because of the pungent smell that they spray as their natural defense mechanism. Did you know that skunks can spray on their enemies even from a six to ten feet distance? The smell of their spray is offensive enough to cause nausea and even cause temporary blindness.

Prevention is always better than cure. Hence, the best way to avoid dealing with Illinois skunks is to ensure that your property isn't skunk friendly. Skunks may be attracted to your yard because they see potential food sources somewhere near the area. Keep your yard free from skunks by:
• Cleaning your yard. Clear away the woodpiles and eliminate any holes or ditches which can provide dwelling for the squirrels.
• If skunks are notorious in your area, invest in sturdy fences or better yet electric fences to ensure the creatures won't be able to gain access to your yard.
• Always make sure your garbage cans have secure lids or covers. Clean the surrounding areas of your garbage can. Do not leave traces of pet foods outside in the open which can attract the skunks.

In an event that Lake County skunks are able to enter your property, here are some of the known home remedies that can help to get rid of them:

1. Hot Pepper Spray
Create your own mixture of hot pepper spray using cayenne pepper and jalapeno pepper. Spray the solution around your yard to get rid of the Illinois skunks.

2. Citrus Fruits Peelings
Skunks are believed to hate the smell of the peelings from any citrus fruits including limes, lemons and oranges. Scatter the peelings of these fruits around the areas frequented by the skunks to deter them away.

3. Ammonia
The strong smell of ammonia is toxic and offensive enough to repel the Lake County skunks away.

4. The Bright Lights Technique
Skunks are typically nocturnal creatures. They are usually out during the night to forage for their food. Their eyes are very sensitive to lights which is why installing bright lights around your property will help discourage and deter them.

5. Mothballs
Spread mothballs in the entrance and exit points of your yard and other areas where you see Illinois skunks lurking around. Mothballs have a pungent smell that skunks hate enough to make them leave your property voluntarily.

6. Castor Oil
The skunks dislike the smell of castor oil which is a great way to drive them away.

7. Peppermint Oil
Just like Castor Oil, skunks are disgusted by the smell of peppermint oil making it an effective Lake County skunk repellent.

8. Use Predator Urine
Using scents of certain animals may do the trick to get rid of the Illinois skunks. The smell of the urine coming from dogs and coyotes make skunks feel threatened forcing them to leave or move to another location.

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