What Sounds Do Lake County Rats Make?

Most times the sounds made by Illinois rats can be very distinct and other times they can be slightly misleading. Rat sounds are often the first indicator of a rodent infestation in your home. You can identify rats by their characteristic gnawing sound. This is when the rats gnaw in wooden doors and floor joists leaving visible damage to them.

Rat noises however are not limited to gnawing sounds only. The Lake County rats can make other noises that are not commonly identified with their species. This is why we set out to indicate the different type of noises that rats make.

To better understand Illinois rats and their noises we must first understand how rats work and live. Rats are social creatures. This means that they live in groups and not lonesome like a forest wolf. The groups of rats are called packs. Rats socialize and do several things that a social group undertakes. They play, they groom each other and nap 75% of the time during the day. They also hunt together at night and have fights just like any social animal group.

The unique thing about Lake County rats though is just like humans and other selected primates they have the capability to reflect on their thinking process. In simpler terms rats know that they are smart. They are selling aware of their thinking process. This makes the sounds they produce even more unique since they know what each sound means and when to produce it.

Now that said, Illinois rats are often known to make gnawing sounds as they gnaw on wooden items or electrical wires in an effort to friend down their front teeth. This is a habitual and survival tactic and has less to do with them wanting to destroy your antique chairs. Gnawing sounds are often heard during the day as the rats alternate between napping and grinding their teeth. You can also hear this sounds as they eat away at hard foods such as dried cheese or other dried foods.

Another common Lake County rat sound is chattering. You will often hear this sound during the day or night as they play and socialize. This sound is primarily a social noise as the rats communicate to each other in normal terms. It is just like the normal banter if human beings. The next sound to this is often squeaking. You will hear the squeaking sound as the rats communicate to each other often plotting a plan just before they go hunting. It may also be the sound they make as they squeeze through extra small openings to get to another room.

Chirping sounds are the most odd rat sounds since they do not typically identify with that type of sound. It is however possible for rats to make a chirping sound. This is the sound made by baby rats as the notify their mother that they are hungry and ready to feed. Given that you need to find and remove all the rats in your home since a nest of baby rats will soon be grown adults rummaging through your pantry.

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