Fastest Way to Get Rid of Lake County Raccoons

Lake County raccoons are small bushy ring tailed animals easily recognizable because of their typical black eye patches. They are nocturnal and very intelligent animals which can cause major damage to your home or garden. They are omnivores and can eat anything. They can be carriers of rabies and transfer diseases. They usually enter your yard in search of food. While trapping is the fastest way to get rid of them it is better to know if it is legally permitted. There are many states where trapping and relocation is not allowed. If you see one then it is important to take steps to prevent it from visiting again. Some simple steps are

Secure your trash
Illinois raccoons will continue coming if you feed them. Invest in good solid metal trash cans. Though a little effort is needed it is worthwhile. Every night secure the lid of the can with bungee cords. Place a few cinder blocks on top. Waste meat products can be double bagged to reduce their smell. Regularly doing this will signal to your nocturnal visitor that no food is available. Raccoons will then try to find a new place to forage food.

Clean your yard
Raccoons may turn to your yard for food. Fallen and rotten fruits, pet foods and other waste food lying around may also be inviting. A thorough cleaning of the yard and removing all food sources has to be done. With time the raccoon will stop coming since there is no food.

Fencing your yard discourages raccoons and other animals from coming in. Lake County raccoons are good climbers and can climb in. This problem can be solved by adding a strand of wire about 8” above the ground and 8” back from the fence. The strand is then connected to a pulsating fence charger. This can be switched on at night. This can be done around pools or trees also if needed.

Illinois accoons entering can also be driven using scare tactics like motion activated sprinklers, flood lights etc. Human voices are also deterrents. Switching on radios with talk show tends to scare them. Scarecrows if used must be moved often or raccoons get used to them. Repellents like predator urine are available. They are effective and can be got online also.

Getting rid of raccoons in the attic
Sometimes you may sight a Lake County raccoon in your attic. It is important to act immediately. Raccoons may choose to nest there. At night when the raccoon goes out to hunt set up lights and a radio with a talk show. This will drive all the raccoons out. Observe their exit. It will also be the entry. It may be a low lying branch of a tree giving them access to your attic or gaps/holes in the roof or walls. Trim the branch and seal the holes after ensuring that all have left. If there are baby raccoons then professional help to remove them may be needed. They cannot survive without their mother.

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