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What are the Risks of Lake County Animals Chewing on Electric Wires?

In order to prevent teeth from overgrowing rodents and a lot of other Lake County animals' chew through electric wires. There is an immense danger for both the animals and surrounding as chewing through the electric wire is very risky.

• Controls the teeth growth
Just like rodents, it is very had to control the length and the speed of teeth growth for the Illinois squirrels. Things become hard if they have long teeth as chewing stuff becomes difficult. This is the main reason why they chew on the wires, as the plastic covering, or the rubber slows the rate of teeth growth.

Makes their teeth stronger
For feeding on hard grains, Lake County squirrels need robust teeth. In order to get them, they rely on chewing electrical wires as it strengthens their teeth. So, for this cause both young and old squirrels chew on the wires.

• Sharpens their teeth
For slicing through plants and cutting into grains, squirrels need to sharpen their teeth. Squirrels grind their teeth on the hard surface of the wires in order to sharpen their teeth. These chewed electrical wires cause a lot of damages as they are very dangerous for them.

• Hazards of Chewed electrical wires
Electrocution is one of the hazards as a strong current is passing through the wires. A lot of accidents have occurred in which children were electrocuted because of naked wires in attics. Covering these wires with strong plastic casings is a good way to avoid this. Unwanted fires are caused because of these wires. In urban areas, fires are mainly caused because of electricity. The covering of wires with a strong material such as steel should be ensured and these wires should be kept away from clothes or wood. Wires if chewed, should be immediately replaced in order to prevent unwanted fires. Blackouts are caused because the wires become weak and can split at any time. The Illinois squirrels are so good at chewing these wires so much that they split. So, this causes blackouts and power shortages as electricity can't flow through these wires.

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