Lake County Wildlife and Animal Removal

What to do About a Wild Lake County Animal Under the Porch

The porch is usually the favorite pace of wild Lake County animal to live. If any wild animal like rat, possum, nocturnal, raccoon, skunk and other wild animal reside your porch, it may be problematic. It may attack and injure you and the mess they create like foodstuff, excreta, and bad odor makes the surrounding place and air unhealthy.

Steps and options to remove them
- You need to monitor first the entrance path either it is a wide hole or small opening. In case of a wide place of entrance, spray the Illinois animal repellent to make them inconvenient and try to completely dismantle their nest. You must be careful during the spraying process because the animal can attack you at that time.
- In case if the entrance is a small pathway like Lake County raccoons and possums use small openings to reach under the porch for food search. You can seal the entrance by insulating it with suitable material. For smaller wild animals, like mice and rats, you can use poisons or trappings to permanently remove them.
- Wild Illinois animals may be positions. You need to take immediate and extra measure to remove them away from your porch. Commercial trap with bait inside to attract the animal will capture the animal. Predator urine or other repellents would also be helpful. However, venomous snake handling is most dangerous, ask the professionals then.
- Animal Traps are available in the market. Trapping is good techniques for small Lake County rodents like mice, and rats. Traps are baited with hanging foodstuff to attract the animal. Larger animals like raccoons and groundhogs will be trapped through cages placed near their home exit or entrance point. Some lethal snares and glue traps to stick the wild animals are also available in the market, but they cause animal death, that is a cruel way of treating with them. In the case of baby animals wait until the mother animal leaves the place, and then put the trapping; the mother will also be trapped later when she will try to access her kids. Place the cage for more than a day, it will give the safer feeling to the animal and it will feel no danger from it.
- Particularly designed mesh covering can be placed to insulate the access points.

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